About Us


BBLA believes that children learn best in a supportive, inclusive and loving environment, where they are encouraged by caring adults who respect, observe, guide and teach. We see children as skilled and bright beings who want to discover, learn, develop and express their special wisdom in a safe and caring environment. By providing our students with this type of learning environment, our program gives every child the opportunity to thrive developmentally with early learning experiences that build the foundation for their social emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

Core Values

All the work we do is rooted in these core values. They help us align what we do inside our center and behind the scenes, and guide our decision making.


Service: We lead with a servant’s heart

Honesty: We’re always honest and transparent with staff and families in a respectful manner.

Integrity: We do what is right

Nutrition: We’re always being nutritionally conscious when providing food for our students

Excel: We strive to provide exceptional educational environments where teachers and students alike can excel.

Believe: We believe in our students and never doubt their capabilities

Respect: We respect all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs

Inclusion: We value individual differences

Growth: We never stop growing, never stop learning

Health: We always provide a healthy and safe learning environment

Teamwork: We always work as team in everything we do.