Meet the Owner

Jonathan is stepping into the role of Founder and Director for Bright Beginnings Learning Academy with 12 years of experience in the early childhood education field. He has been a consultant for preschools in the Northern Virginia area that hope to grow their businesses as well as their student's educational opportunities.  He has had the opportunity to work his way through the many roles in Pre-k education, from assistant teacher to assistant director to Executive director and beyond. But Jonathan's passion for early childhood education is what sets him apart from the rest.  He believes that preschool should not be overlooked but rather prioritized into a high-quality learning experience for all children to build their educational foundation. 


Jonathan is consistent in his belief that diversity and inclusivity are what make a welcoming and well-rounded environment for young children. He is eager to engage students of all physical and cognitive needs, as well as families from different backgrounds, faiths, family structures, etc. Jonathan is super excited to have everyone attend   Currently he is the co-founder and president of a theatre company in Northern Virginia that aims to offer arts education and theatre experience to all.