Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

At BBLA we believe in learn through play and child exploration. .  We believe that early childhood learning is an on-going process.  To exercise these beliefs in our school, we use the professionally developed preschool curriculum designed by Experience Learning formerly known as  Mother Goose Time.  This comprehensive thematic based curriculum nurtures the whole child and supports social, physical and cognitive development.  Your child will build foundational skills in early literacy, math, music, art, social studies and science – all via a fun, play-based approach. 


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Our pre-primary room provides students with a variety of activities to help stimulate the children’s independence, language, social, gross motor, fine motor and cognitive skills. Activities such as music, dancing, painting, building, reading, exploring, and pretend play are just a few that are offered to the students on a daily basis. Additionally, potty training is the big event with this age group. Potty training is not forced amongst any of our students however, if the goal is met we enthusiastically celebrate each child’s accomplishment.

Ages: 2yr-3yr

Full Day & Half Day Option Available

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Primary Program

School Age Program

In our School Age Program

your child can build upon their education outside of school by participating in various clubs and activities that challenge them in fun new ways! Your child will learn more and grow more by making new friends and absorbing new concepts every day. We also do offer full-day school age on days that public/private schools are closed.

Currently, with the covid pandemic, we are offering full daycare for school-age students. Students will be set up with an area for school work to be completed. Once the school day is over students will have the option to participate in fun activities until they're picked up. A teacher will be in the classroom to monitor all students. Meals will be provided. Services are provided from 6:00a-7:00p


Ages: 5yr-12yr

Please call for availability

Full-Day & Half-Day Option Available 

In our Primary program also know as our mixed-age classroom, students take part in more structured activities such as formal circle time, small group instruction, and more.  This classroom uses a peer modeling method in which the older students model classroom behavior and routine with daily activities in the classroom for the younger students. Throughout the day students, break out into small activity groups based on their appropriate age group or learning skill.  To foster the curiosity that three, four- and five-year old’s have, teachers, provide activities with cause and effect relationships, problem-solving, and vocabulary explanations. Center time is a great time for children to develop social-emotional skills and cognitive skills with direct and indirect teacher assistance. Children will also be given the opportunity to explore outside with teacher and non-teacher led activities throughout the day.

Ages: 3yr-5yr

Please call for availability

Full-Day & Half-Day Option Available