Our Team

BBLA is a private preschool that employs approximately 10 staff members. Our teachers are at the heart of our program and are selected for their educational background and experience in early childhood education. In addition to having the ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere in the classroom, all teachers and staff are required to meet State requirements for working with children in a preschool/child care environment. Our teachers are empowered to develop curricular outcomes, assess student development and achievement, select instructional materials, plan special projects, participate in peer observation and coaching, and pursue professional growth opportunities.


Each teacher and administrator is required to obtain a minimum of 20 professional development hours and participate in workshops and training. Ongoing professional education is standard so teachers are up-to-date on child development, and are active participants in creating a high-quality learning environment for young children


Like a family, our educational environment is one of fun, happiness, joy, laughter, and most importantly, the pride of learning.